Terror From Within: America's Greatest Unspoken Threat to National Security

Terrorists are walking among us at this very instant. 

It's never good to be alarmist, but it's the unspoken truth.  As America turns its collective eye from the Paris attacks to the homeland, our nation's safety and security are being threatened as we speak.  At this point, we are fortunate in that this terror cell located in the United States has yet to physically attack any specified target.  However, there can be no doubt this terrorist organization is engaging in psychological warfare, meant to weaken our nation from the inside out.  The signs are telling and when taken collectively, paint a picture of a drastic terrorist organization located within our very own borders.  

Much like ISIS, this terrorist group wants to take America back to another bygone era and much like ISIS, this terrorist group wants to do so by fanning the flames of war.  However, the group in question is much more subtle than ISIS, which makes them even more dangerous.  They won't take to the streets and behead their political opponents, but rather will use deception and psychological techniques to subliminally plant ideas in the general public's mind.  Whereas ISIS wants the world to return to the seventh century, this American terrorist group wants our own country to return to the turn of the 19th century at a time they believe best represents their ideal society.  

They way they have done this has been subtle and under-the-radar.  They have done it systematically and have used both legal and illegal means to do so.  They have also spaced it out, fearful that a giant collective action which showcased their agenda would draw unnecessary attention to their cause and jeopardize their entire operation.  This terrorist group is not dumb; they are aware of various techniques to keep the general public both unaware and uninformed of their intent and their actions.  They have studied the world's greatest terrorist organization, the Nazi Party, and have used that group's very same techniques to manipulate the minds of our collective population.  

It has been slow.  It has been methodical.  And it has been extremely effective.  Slowly but surely, this terrorist group has used these methods to drag our country back to their chosen era.  They have done so by using every single method at their disposal:  From rigging elections to manipulating the media to scapegoating the non-majority populations to intentionally causing economic instability.  They have gone to great lengths to cause the country to decline, and yet through it all, their influence has continue to increase.  It is a testament to their commitment that despite a long and tedious road, their vision is gradually becoming a reality.  

If you take a moment to look around, you'll see how effective this terrorist organization has become.  Many people who don't support them are no longer able to vote against them either through voting restrictions or having spent time in jail.  Other people are having to fight to basic reproductive rights, rights that had been clearly granted to them 40 years ago.  Others still are facing persecution and discrimination for their appearance despite having been in this country for generations.  There are even certain individuals this terrorist organization relies on for its funds and yet these individuals are allowed to freely donate to the terrorists at will through both overt and clandestine ways.  

I know you see it now.  The ways this terrorist organization is moving our country backward. Trying to "make it great again" for themselves and their ilk.  It's painfully obvious and yet we cannot stop it.  We cannot stop it because these terrorists have manipulated our citizenry in a way that not only are they not seen as the enemy but there are those that actually see them as the saviors.  Millions of people openly support them and their platform.  They too, yearn for what they consider to be a "simpler" time.  They have been completely brainwashed into believing that the turn of the 19th century was a great prospering utopia, one where everyone got along and families were all wealthy and content.  A time when only the most educated could select those to be involved in government and that you didn't have to associate with those who were "different" from you in you didn't want to.   

They are able to do this because they have something ISIS does not:  An open, public media outlet that they can use to recruit people to their cause.  And recruit they do.  Their messaging system revolves around the sense that their very way of life is under constant attack.  They cherry pick or even use disproven facts to support their argument.  They berate and belittle guests who share opposing points of view.  They give unparalleled airtime to those that support their views, even if these people have questionable credentials at best.  Those that criticize them from the outside are immediately vilified for daring to speak the truth.  From the top of the organization on down their is the single ideology that they are right and everyone else is wrong.  

In that way, this terrorist organization draws obvious parallels to a cult.  Everyone believes in the mission.  Everyone is on board, not matter how strange or odd the viewpoints become.  To blame those that are less fortunate for their current situation suddenly seems to makes sense. To be concerned about someone's religion rather than their character seems like the right thing to do.  To want to deny asylum to those who seek refuge within our borders seems to be sound policy.  And to call someone out for disagreeing with you and accusing them of being part of a giant conspiracy against you seems a logical way to deal with dissent.  

It's all there right before our eyes.  Even now as ISIS is in the news, our own terrorist organization is using its free media presence to continue to enact its agenda.  They are criticizing our political leaders for not doing enough.  They are vilifying those whose religion just to happens be the same in name as the twisted, perverted, and distorted religion of ISIS.  They are advocating for fewer refugees to be allowed in our country for the unfounded and irrational fear that they might be terrorists.  And, most importantly, they are banging the drums of war for our country to head into another prolonged quagmire in the region as a way to distract the rest of us from what they are actually doing.  

Because terrorists love nothing more than conflict.  Look at ISIS.  Our own home-grown terrorist organization is no different.  They would love for nothing more than our country to go spend valuable time and resources in another decades-long conflict.  If that happens, they would have free reign to continue to enact their agenda under the radar.  While the top story on the news would be war, our own terrorist group would be able to strip away voting rights, deny access to women's health, vilify minorities, and use its massive war chest to install puppet government officials at the state and local level.  All this in an effort to continue their master plan to create a country that matches their idyllic version of what we should be:  A country of rich, affluent, White, Christian men in control and everyone else serving as secondary citizens. That is the vision that this terrorist group seeks to achieve and that is the vision they feel best represents what America should be.  

If only someone would have the guts to stand up to this terrorist group that calls themselves "Republicans."

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