Worst terrorist enabler ever

For a crypto-Muslim who wants to shove Sharia law down the throats of God-fearing Christian America, President Barack Obama seems to be doing it wrong.

Word came out that UK Daesh member, "Jihadi John", star of many decapitation videos, was killed in a US drone strike. Not only killed, but, according to reports, "eviscerated". And reports also state that he was the only person to have died in the attack; no collateral damage was incurred.

Of course, some are saying that it would have been better for him to have been captured and stand trial. While I sympathize with that sentiment, I somehow doubt the Caliph of ISIL would have honored an indictment delivered to Raqqa. And most people wouldn't want to risk our soldiers to effectuate such a capture. Whether some people want to admit it or not, this is a war in which we're engaged. You don't have Miranda rights if you're in a war zone beheading innocents. So I have no particular regrets that Jihadi John won't be in the dock in London or New York.

But to the larger point. Pres. Obama was derided as "naive" when he said in the 2008 debates that he'd go into Pakistan to get Osama bin Laden "with or without Pakistani cooperation." If mighty warrior George W. Bush couldn't get the chief terrorist, how could wussy community organizer Barry Obama do it? And yet, Pres. Obama's tenure in the White House comes with a long list of dead terrorists, including the aforementioned bin Laden. For most of the history of the War on Terror, we've had people who speak loudly and do little. Or, as with Mr. Bush, speak loudly and then invade the wrong country. What Pres. Obama has done is say very little (too little, I sometimes feel, as his administration could do more PR trumpeting the fact that being a famous terrorist is not a secure job), and yet lethally dismantle terrorist networks. ISIL is about to meet the al Qaeda strategy. AQ is almost destroyed, a vacuum filled by ISIL, which is now in US cross-hairs.

The success against al Qaeda and ISIL has come about by fighting intelligently, not blundering about and sending in mechanized brigades. Every candidate running for the GOP presidential nomination would fight ISIL in exactly the wrong way. They would send in the Marines, they would occupy Damascus, they would shoot down Russian planes which violated a no-fly zone. They would, in effect, start World War III. That is another reason why none of the GOP clown car denizens can be allowed anywhere near 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. Our sojourn on Earth as a species would be in grave peril if they were.

I for one will hoist a cocktail and smile over Jihadi John becoming a fleshy jigsaw puzzle. I can understand how his death may not bring closure to the families of his victims. But one less evil person stalks the world. It's sometimes the only victory we can claim.

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