Too Funny: Ethically Challenged Alan Grayson Thinks His Ethics Complaint Brought Down Kevin McCarthy

The Republican Party is in absolute disarray. Not only can they not settle on a candidate for president in their clown car of severely intellectual lightweights, they cannot even settle on a Speaker for the House of Representatives they control. The inmates, ahem, I mean the Tea Party, are now in full control of the asylum, aka the GOP. Having pushed out John Boehner for committing the aghast crime of not defaulting on America's debt obligations, they have now dethroned his top deputy Kevin McCarthy, a California Congressman with the intellectual gravitas of Sarah Palin.

But you would never believe who's claiming credit for taking McCarthy down.

Donald Trump.

Okay, Trump too. But I'm talking about Alan Greyson here. The Congressman whose chief mission has been to create the kind of chaos in the Democratic Party that we are witnessing in the GOP now thinks that his ethics complaint against Kevin McCarthy is responsible for doing in the man who implored us to do something about Hungria. Grayson's ethics complaint was filed after McCarthy's accidental admission on Fox News that the Benghazi Committee in the House is nothing more than a political witch hunt against Hillary Clinton.

I'm not kidding. With self-aggrandizement rivaling The Trump himself, Grayson writes the following in a campaign email:

Remember when I told you that a million tiny fish can bite a big shark to death? That’s what happened to the GOP yesterday. And I was the Chomper-in-Chief.

They were all set to anoint Kevin McCarthy as the new Speaker of the House, until I filed an ethics complaint against him for wasting our tax dollars to turn the Select Committee on Benghazi into a partisan and Stalinesque attack on Hillary Clinton’s Presidential campaign. Twenty-four hours later, he was out of the race for Speaker, the Republicans are in chaos, and 247 different House Republicans each would draw exactly one vote for Speaker: their own. It’s hilarious.

I agree. Almost as hilarious as Alan Grayson claiming that he had anything whatsoever to do with this phenomenal GOP chaos.

I doubt anyone on the GOP side is worried about ethics complaints from a Congressman openly running and promoting his own hedge funds, himself running afoul of ethics rules, not to mention its appearance of grotesque impropriety. This billionaire hedge fund manager's supporters are equally and hilariously deaf to the reality of this billionaire hedge fund manager's reality who is happy to hide his own money in the Cayman Islands, heralding him as some champion of reining in Wall Street.

Alan Grayson, despite his delusions and grandeur, is not the anti-Tea Party. Alan Grayson is the Tea Party, just from the Left.

Kevin McCarthy's collapse and the GOP's utter chaos is a result of the same bubble the Republicans have been living in for the past 7 years. I wouldn't be surprised if McCarthy cavalierly let slip the real purpose of the Benghazi Committee because he was a little too comfortable in the Fox bubble.

The complete undermining of the sham of the Benghazi Committee was probably the last straw for wingnut Republicans who weren't particularly fond of the Bakersfield Republican in the first place. McCarthy's literally incoherent foreign policy speech about the "place of the band on America" didn't inspire any confidence, that's for sure.

The GOP has nurished the reactionary, racist Teabagger wing of its party instead of suffocating it in its infancy, and now they are paying the price. Instead of forming a governing coalition and compromising, the GOP has pandered to those whose primary goal is to burn down America rather than to let it be governed under a black man, and now all hell is breaking loose.

But let's be clear about something, shall we? Kevin McCarthy went down, and the Republican Party is collapsing, because of Republican blowhards, not because of a Democratic one.

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