Open thread - House GOP implodes

The political world was rocked - AGAIN - by the implosion of House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy's candidacy to replace John Boehner as Speaker of the House. One minute he was asking for votes, and a short time later he was on the next train out of Hooterville.

It is quite clear that winning a governing majority and actually governing are two different animals. And when you have a "House Freedom Caucus" which would make Robespierre proud with its purity, you have nothing but disaster awaiting you.

Some smart people are now opining that the only solution is a coalition between Democrats and the not quite totally insane members of the GOP. I've written before that this is the only logical course of action. However, logic has flown out the window in the Year of our Lord 2015. So we'll see.

At any rate, a message to the voters and non-voters of 2010 and 2014: This is what happens when, by action or inaction, you allow idiots to be in charge. I only hope that we don't have to suffer too many dire consequences.

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