Stuff Happens

When asked about the shootings at a college in Oregon Jeb Bush's response was "stuff happens". If Jeb were to become president he would be the Consoler in Chief. Would he want to tell the families who are in pain and are suffering from this horrific event that stuff just happens? When speaking in front of a crowd of GOP supporters Jeb made the statement that at least his brother kept us safe, a statement which caused the to crowd cheer wildly.

Carly Fiorina claimed to have seen a video that does not exist except for in her imagination. She dared President Obama and Hillary Clinton to see the video that exists only in her imagination. When questioned about the existence of this video she just doubled down and claimed it to be true.

Ben Carson claims the Constitution does not allow a Muslim to be president but says that it would be OK if that person were to become a Christian.

Mike Huckabee who supports some very dubious people whose behavior could be seen as very unchristian-like thinks our Constitution was created with the intention of us living under Christian Law which he believes will protect us from existing under Sharia Law.

Donald Trump lives on his own planet that revolves around him. He is filled with endless ideas that are delusional.

Marco Rubio said that he is young and understands how to use social media so young people should flock to him. He fancies himself as the new JFK or the new Barack Obama filled with charisma and excitement. Excitement for what? Excitement for the same old ideas?

All of these people are living in a dream world. They are all a part of the creation and perpetuation of a scam that doesn't work but it's all they've got. Trickle down economics doesn't work. Preemptive wars don't work. Shrinking government doesn't work. Putting an unlimited supply of guns in the hands of everyone doesn't work. The free market is rigged so how can it work? None of their ideas work. They have been getting away with pulling off this scam for a long time.

They are like little children who are old enough to know they have done something wrong but they don't want to suffer the consequences of their actions so they double down on the lie. Since they have no working solutions all they have left is a lie.

These so called leaders and their followers are terrified and they are desperate. The world in which they have been holding the advantage is crumbling before their eyes. They are living in fear of the laws of Karma. They are horrified at the idea that they may have to reap what they have sown. They have invested in a world of the advantaged and the disadvantaged and they are frightened that they will be put in the position of the disadvantaged.

The idea that "stuff happens" is a complete disassociation from the responsibility of what is in fact happening. Nothing happens in a vacuum. Everything happens as a result or consequence of what came before. Cause and effect exists. The party of personal responsibility has no intention of recognizing it's responsibility or changing it's actions. To do so would be to acknowledge that it is built on a scam so the only thing it has left is to double down on the lie.

Their desperate supporters will continue to go along with the lie. They will refuse to leave their dream world but it is a lie and it is an illusion and therefore it can't hold up over time and it's beginning to fall apart. Jeb can't say that his brother kept us safe and get away with it. Carly Fiorina can't claim to have seen a video that doesn't exist and get away with it. People can't continue to say things that are completely divorced from reality and get away with it.

Since all the GOP has left is a lie they will continue to lie and continue to believe they can get away with the lies but the Emperor has no clothes. With each passing day more and more people are realizing that the GOP has nothing to offer as their lies become more and more blatant. Their lies have become so blatant that even the complicit media has had to call them on it.

Sorry Jeb, stuff doesn't just happen. We are all responsible and accountable for the stuff that just happens. If you and your party are unwilling or unable to take responsibility for the stuff that is happening than you and your party need to either change or step aside and let those who understand that we have to be responsible and accountable to take the positions of leadership.

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