A Black Lives Matter of Respect: Hillary vs. Bernie in Two Videos

Contrary to popular narrative, the folks who are fighting to highlight the plight of black lives endangered at the hands of institutionalized racism don't just target Bernie Sanders' campaign event. They interrupted a Clinton campaign event in New Jersey where she appeared with civil rights legend Congressman John Lewis. Here is how she reacted: 

Clinton acknowledged them immediately, smiling and saying "Yes, they do" in response to the chants of "Black lives matter!", "And I'm going to talk a lot about that in a minute", she added. Then, she stopped talking, in apparent validation of the protesters' pain. When the assembled crowd began to drown out the protesters with chants of "Let her speak!", Clinton extended her arms to calm down her own supporters, saying "We are going to get to some important points that prove that black lives do matter and [that] we have to take action together."


NBC reported that the protesters then left after speaking to Congressman Lewis.

Now contrast this with Bernie Sanders, when he was confronted at Netroots Nation. He was visibly irritated, and threatened to stomp off the stage if they didn't quiet down. Here's a look back at that golden moment.

But that was so long ago! It's like, from June of 2015! Why do you keep bringing that old news up? The only thing that's relevant is Hillary Clinton's position on gay marriage in 2006!

But to be fair, Sanders got another chance to square with BLM in Seattle in August, and while the protesters were pretty aggressive (a lot more so than in the Hillary Clinton campaign video above), the Senator's reaction after spoke volumes: he said he wanted to talk about black lives, but only "among other things" before pivoting immediately to those "other things", his stump about economic inequality.

I wonder why people of color, especially African Americans don't feel heard by Bernie.

If you want the basic, bare bottom line difference between Clinton and Sanders when it comes to Black Lives Matter, here it is: it's a matter of respect. Hillary treats them with respect and listens, Bernie treats them as a nuisance that still visibly irritates him.

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