Barack Obama bests Bill Clinton's private sector job creation record

This morning, the Labor Department released the employment figures for June, and the jobs numbers blasted through market predictions. June saw an addition of 288,000 jobs, compared to the 215,000 predicted by analysts. The unemployment rate fell to 6.1%, the lowest since before the beginning of the Bush economic collapse in September of 2008 - that's a 1.4 percentage point drop in the last 12 months, the sharpest decline in nearly 30 years.

The economy under President Obama's leadership - and despite the Great Wall of Republican obstructionism - is not only showing signs of completing recovery from the worst economic calamity in American history save for the Great Depression, it is now showing signs of coming back to the life it had before the previous administration began to mess with it.

June marks 52 straight months of private sector job growth, the longest ever on record, beating out Bill Clinton's record of 51 continuous months of private sector job growth from February 1996 to April 2000. The economy has added more than 200,000 jobs for five months in a row now, the longest such streak since 1999. In the first half of this year alone the economy has added 1.4 million jobs, another accomplishment not seen since 1999.

This would be an impressive achievement in any month of any year under any president under any conceivable economic circumstances (including the happy 90s). But the fact that this has happened in less than five years from the official end of the worst economic calamity this country has seen since Herbert Hoover is remarkable. And the fact that this has happened as the President has had to swim against a level of obstruction entirely unparalleled in memory by an opposition party looking to harm the economy as a means of hurting the president makes this achievement nearly miraculous.

But this wasn't a miracle, of course. It happened because of a president who embodies perseverance. It happened because of an administration that did not see fixing the American economy as a political weapon but as a patriotic duty. It happened because in the first days of the Obama administration, a Democratic Congress made the most critical investments in American economy and American healthcare. It happened because of a president willing to pay a high political price for believing in the American middle class.

You won't hear what it took to get the economy to this point in our venerable press, of course. They have other important stories to cover, like Lindsey Lohan suing Grand Theft Auto, which CNN spent an hour covering this morning. Or pedaling worthless and useless polls.

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