GOP and NRA's Bloody Hands: White Supremacist Domestic Terrorists Shooting Up America

Las Vegas Police have found that the shooters that killed two police officers and three others are part of the ultra-Right hate movement that encompasses white supremacists, neo-nazis and people who have all of a sudden found the need for a revolution in America since a black president was inaugurated. Police found swastikas in the shooters' apartment.

The Vegas shooting is, sadly, only the latest in a series of violence motivated by a far-Right ideology that too few are connecting.

The Washington Post has noted that similar white-supremacist connected shootings have taken place in April in Kansas City, in 2012 in a Sikh temple in Wisconsin, and in Pittsburgh in 2009. Yet, what remains broadly under cover (and undercovered) is the Republican Party and the National Rifle Association's roles in promoting a domestic terrorist movement, and the fact that that promotion has only racheted up, not down, in the face of these attacks.

What's worse, most of the right-wing hate crimes don't even make it to TV news. The Southern Poverty Law Center counted 19 incidents of right-wing neo-nazi hate crimes by the end of March of this year alone. June is a young month yet, and already, right-wing white supremacists have racked up their shooting score with an Atlanta courthouse shooting last Friday (June 6), 50 rounds fired at police in Florida, and of course, this Sunday's shooting in Las Vegas.

Nearly every single one of these horrific acts of violence is connected to each other by two clear threads: Right-wing ideological extremism and guns. Incidentally, these are the same two factors that connect most terrorist attacks across the globe.

Yet our national media lacks the journalistic integrity to fulfill the purpose of the first amendment: state the facts plainly and without regard to entrenched interests. Hence, we watch the coverage of these events in terrifying high definition, nonethewiser about their root cause. With clear evidence and the high frequency of these hate events, the role of our media has gone from ignorance to complacency.

The sharp rise of Right-wing hate groups that resulted from the election and inauguration of President Obama should have been a surprise to exactly no one - had our media reported on the dire facts of a Department of Homeland Security report in 2009 on exactly this subject instead of manufacturing and fueling conspiracy theories about the Obama administration's intent in generating that report. Instead of examining the troubling implications of the rise of Right-wing hate groups, the national media quickly became a willing accomplice to the Republican Party's collective pretend-rage and political with hunt against the report. After all, it is political controversy they were after, not the existential threats posed to the nation's fabric by a electorally marginalized but heavily armed Right-wing militia movement.

With every piece of evidence that came along of the growth of the Right-wing hate movement, from the murder of a women's reproductive physician in the sacred sanctuary of his Church to outlaw militia groups surrounding federal agents with loaded firearms pointed at the agents' heads (about which the Vegas shooters boasted), from the shooting up of a place of worship in Wisconsin to the massacre at a Jewish center, Right-wing calls for more guns and more hate have only become louder.

Republican politicians in state after state have loosened gun laws and made it easier for neo-nazis to stock up for a "revolution" they believe they are fighting against the legitimate government of the United States. The Right-wing culture has pushed, through its dominance on radio and television, a message of homophobia, monoculturalism, and an extremist religious philosophy. And the NRA has successfully fended off efforts of common-sense gun-control measures such as universal background checks on gun purchases and a renewal of the expired assault weapons ban.

The political Right in this country has pushed - especially in the wake of an African American president in the White House - a culture of paranoia and hatred. They have questioned the president's place of birth, made opposition to the president on everything (including ideas Republicans were formerly friendly to like a health care marketplace, infrastructure spending and providing protection to victims of domestic violence) a prerequisite to elected leadership in the GOP, and attempted to re-write the history of slavery and segregation to be more favorable to white supremacists.

The NRA and the GOP are no longer mere electoral allies that make common cause with each other to push a common agenda. They are two complimentary tools of a domestic, white-supremacist terrorist movement whose phobia of the "other" is reinforced and inflamed by the political Right and whose paths to more guns and more blood is paved by NRA lobbyists and Republican lawmakers.

We can no longer talk about the increasing hate violence in this country as disparate acts of disconnected madmen. We can no longer pretend as if the victims' blood only taints an individual perpetrator in events like these. It is time to recognize that every Right-wing neo-Nazi act of hate and murder is but one in a series of domestic terrorist actions aided and abetted by the modern Republican Party and the NRA. If the GOP's Right-wing ideology is the catalyst for these despicable acts of sedition, then the NRA is responsible for literally arming these domestic terrorists.

At the very least, our national corporate media is seriously derelict in its constitutional responsibility to connect the dots. Their thirst for "controversy" at the cost of this reality is just as responsible for kneecapping the national conversation on Right wing terrorism as anything else. How much longer can the blood of innocent Americans be quenching this thirst?

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