You Had Your Chance: Why the Media Needs to Avoid Neocons on the Sunday Shows

One day I'd like to start my own news network. 

It would be a combination of VICE as well as The Daily Show/Colbert Report/Last Night Tonight in that it will deal with cutting-edge stories that have either been ignored or not sufficiently mocked by the mainstream media.  It will feature myself as host and it will have daily guests who are experts in their field.  These experts will share their knowledge as it relates to pertinent current events revolving around issues that are near and dear to their heart.  

In fact, I've already created a list of experts that I hope will join me on my show.

In the area of business ethics I'd have on Donald Trump.  In the area of sports ethics I'd have on Pete Rose.  In the area of drug prevention and treatment I'd have on Rush Limbaugh.  In the area of celebrity philanthropy I'd have on Justin Bieber.  In the area of immigration reform I'd have on Ann Coulter.  In the area of women's health I'd have on Rick Perry.  In the area of civil rights I'd have on Cliven Bundy.  And, in the area of environmental policy I'd have on Charles and David Koch.  

Sounds completely absurd, right?   

So then why does the mainstream media insist upon giving the Neocons a platform to tell us how to deal with Iraq?  

As Jon Stewart so succinctly pointed out yesterday and Slate Magazine reinforced today, there is absolutely NO reason to listen to modern neoconservatives when it comes to foreign policy.  They had their 'Mission Accomplished' moment that can and should live in infamy.  Neocons lied in front of Congress regarding the war, and they lied to the American people.  These lies not only cost us 4,500 American lives, six trillion dollars, and lessening of America's standing in the world, but also managed to do what was previously thought impossible:  They managed to make the most unstable region of the world even more unstable.  

And yet, the American mainstream media seems perfectly content to give these very same people a platform to come on the Sunday shows and criticize President Barack Obama for how he is handling the current crisis in Iraq.  

The last time we saw balls this big they were being pushed up a hill by Sisyphus.  

Of course, this is what the modern-day GOP does.  If the president is for it, they are against it, even if they had once been for it.  They simultaneously believe that Barack Obama is both a dictator as well as a weak, inefficient leader.  If an issue gets stalled in the House of Representatives, it is because the President is unwilling to work with Congress.  If the President issues an executive order he is overstepping his constitutional authority.  If he acts on an important issue it's to distract from another important issue, which probably is a "scandal" at the heart of his administration that Darrell Issa will be sure to investigate.

It's old.  It's tiresome.  It's pathetic.  

And the mainstream media can't get enough of it.  

The Sunday Shows have become completely unwatchable for those of up who actually follow the news.  Having on Paul Wolfowitz, Bill Kristol, Lindsey Graham, and John McCain to talk about Iraq makes about as much sense as my fictitious program lineup.  Yet, there they are, time and time again like clockwork on all the major networks.  For every single sane American that just wants John McCain to shut up there is a network executive on line 1 willing to book McCain on his Sunday talk show.  Paul Wolfowitz has let to be right on anything, Bill Kristol gets hard thinking about war, Lindsey Graham is approaching Romney-level of flip flops and McCain himself still believes he would make a good president.  

The problem with the mainstream media bringing back the Four Horseman of War time and time again is that THEY DON'T KNOW WHAT THEY ARE TALKING ABOUT.  They had their chance to set policy for the Iraq war and they failed.  They thought we would be greeted as liberators.  We weren't.  They thought it would be a short, efficient war.  It wasn't.  They thought there were weapons of mass destruction.  There weren't.  They thought once the American forces withdrew the country would become a shining beacon for democracy in the region.  It clearly isn't.  Basically, every single prediction they made, the exact opposite occurred.  They literally have the foresight of Madam Cleo, and just like her they have become rich by lying and manipulating the public.  

If we as a nation are ever going to have a serious discussion about war and its repercussions then we need to have our mainstream news media bring on guests who actually know what they are talking about rather than the talking heads of the Republican Party.  Until that time, the American populace will remain uneducated and confused about the current state of affairs in Iraq and the Middle East.  

On second thought, that may be exactly what the mainstream media wants.

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