Political Arsonist Consumed in Fire: Eric Cantor Loses Primary

Shamelessly stolen from ericcantorsbitchface.tumblr.com.

Shamelessly stolen from ericcantorsbitchface.tumblr.com.

The most important lesson about succumbing to extremist ideologues is that no one is ever pure enough. House Majority Leader Eric Cantor just learned that the hard way.

What is just breaking will probably dominate political coverage for the rest of the week: Eric Cantor has just lost his Republican primary to his Tea Party challenger. Even after trying to out-Teabag the Teabagger:

Cantor's campaign also sent out mailers arguing that he's largely responsible for blocking immigration reform, signs, perhaps, that Brat seemed like more of a threat than he appeared publicly.

Evidently, the "see I really really hate Obama too" campaign didn't work out. Because when you try to outcrazy the crazy, the crazy always wins. Eric Cantor has stood in the way of everything President Obama has tried to do to make this country a better place: from health reform to jobs to immigration reform.

But his and his party's hatred towards the president bred only more hatred, and he himself has now fallen victim to that hate. The very anti-American hatred in the wake of an African American president that the Republican Party has from the beginning tried to make into an electoral tool is now consuming it wholesale.

I am unabashedly gleeful at Cantor's fate tonight. It is what he deserves. It is what his party deserves. Eric Cantor is a political arsonist - as is the entire Republican leadership - and no one should be sorry that they are being consumed by the fire of hatred they set.

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