Obamacare Makes Woman Cry ... (in a Good Way)

Amy, a musician - a pretty good singer I might add - told her health care story to Healthcare.gov's #GetCovered campaign. She went from a $10,000 deductible, walk-on-eggshells health insurance plan to a $500-deductible plan for $26 a month.

In Amy's own words:

It’s not just musicians, it’s any artist.  We’re just like any small business – all we’re trying to do is put a roof over our head and food on the table and feed our kids, and send our kids to good schools.  We don’t need gold houses.  But health care is a basic right I think, so it’s nice that the ACA is there for us now.

Amazing, isn't it?

Amazing, yes. But hardly unique. The Department of Health and Human Services has been collecting these stories and posting them on their blog. And there are millions of other stories like them. I know entire families that got coverage for the first time in a half a decade, and ones that found better, cheaper plans than they could otherwise. Some liberal Democrats, some staunch Republicans. But not one ungrateful for what they now have.

The Affordable Care Act is changing the face of health care. It is changing the face of America. It is making affordable care a right, not a privilege.

There's still time to get covered! Go to healthcare.gov!

Feel free to use this as your evening, health care open thread.

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