Wherein I go on a little rant

Well kids, our never-ending election season is about to shift into high gear. And it’s an off-year election, a midterm if you will, which occurs every two years in between the only elections which Democratic voters seem to think matter. Which means we’re hearing it from the usual quarters that “Both parties are the same” or “elections don’t matter” or “I voted for Obama—isn’t that enough.”

Don’t like Diane Feinstein? Well, she’s not my favorite cup of tea either.

Don’t like Mark Pryor? Yeah, he’s kind of not my favorite Democrat.

Don’t like the Blue Dogs who will try to wrest control of the House away from Teabaggers? No, they may not be what Markos Moulitsas calls “better Democrats”.

But you know what? I don’t give a fuck.

Democrats like Feinstein and Pryor will make sure that Harry Reid remains Majority Leader, and sets the agenda in the Senate. The Blue Dogs so disparaged by those on the Purity Left gave Nancy Pelosi the gavel from 2007 to 2011 and allowed President Obama to get ACA passed and Don’t Ask Don’t Tell repealed. And if they win in November, Pelosi will again be Speaker, and actual legislation will once again move.

So, please, spare me your scruples. Spare me the “not good enough” speech.

The only thing which should be on the mind of any Democratic or Democratic-leaning voter should be crushing the GOP in both House and Senate come November.

Actually, let me amend that. The first thing on our minds should be… VOTING.

I’ve written on the GOP civil war, and how that might depress GOP turnout among the more rabid Teabaggers. But the fact is that most GOP voters will crawl on sharp glass while drinking lighter fluid to get to the polls every single time, and not just for midterms or Presidential elections. School boards matter as much as the White House.

Democrats have to be as evangelistic about voting as are Republicans. When we vote in massive numbers, as in 2006, we win. There just aren’t enough people who buy the Republican line to win elections consistently. The GOP and the Right depend on Democrats being Democrats, whining about the candidates not being good enough, about the scandal of the day which will keep them home on Election Day. They rely on Democrats thinking that nothing they do matters, and not go to the polls.

The only person an “angry Democrat” hurts by not voting is himself. And his neighbors. And his country. Scratch that: non-voting Democrats hurt the entire commonwealth. Republicans win in a low turnout election. And when Republicans win, we have what we’ve had since 2011: paralysis on the national level, and all sorts of chicanery on state and local levels.

Listening to pundits telling you to “teach Democrats a lesson” teaches nothing to Democrats, aside from making office-holders and candidates spineless and milquetoast. Democrats don’t need lessons; Republicans need to learn that their policies are rejected by a majority of Americans. Now that majority has to vote, otherwise the lesson will never be taught.

You don’t like DiFi? Tough shit, mark the ballot for her. You don’t like your local Blue Dog running in a purplish district? Suck it up and vote for him or her.

To form policy, you have to have the votes first. Without votes, you have a House voting 50+ times to repeal Obamacare. And if you didn’t vote, it’s your fault. That bit of truth stings, and it should.

So please, pretty please, pretty please with fucking sugar on top: shut up and vote. Once Democrats have super-majorities, then we can talk about realignment and shifting the parties. As long as the GOP exists in its current form, nothing else matters other than sidelining them. And that should be the progressive position. Anything else just sends tingles up the Koch Bros. legs.

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