Outside Beltway Media, Obama's "Between Two Ferns" Appearance is a Giant Hit

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While the beltway media is Truly Upset (TM) that the President of the United States went to Funny or Die to promote Healthcare.gov, in real America, the appearance seems to have worked tremendously well. Bill O'Reilly is super upset, other traditional media is crapping their pants, and the White House Press Corpse (no, I know, but is the 'e' really unnecessary?) bellyached about it to Press Secretary Jay Carney yesterday.

In the mean time, the president's appearance has already had over 12 million views, sent nearly a million people to Healthcare.gov, and made traffic to Healthcare.gov jump by 40% in a single day. And to the dismay of the entire beltway media and conservative pundits, this time they did not have a story about how the flood of traffic broke website - because it didn't! And the people who actually watch the video are overwhelmingly impressed (see the yellow meter).

The irony of the beltway media complaining is, of course, that had they done their jobs - instead of letting it out that they do not consider reporting the facts to be their job - and told the American people the truth about the Affordable Care Act, the president may not have needed to sidestep their freak show. If the beltway press had concentrated on reporting the facts about Obamacare rather than salivating over the politics and how Republicans were going to attack it, they might have saved themselves the embarrassment.

But as Jay Carney put it, gone are the days when beltway broadcasters get to claim exclusive access to the president despite failing horribly at their jobs.

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