Dick Cheney Fails to Understand American Power

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So... Dick Cheney went to CBS' Face the Nation this weekend to serve his one and only remaining life mission: badmouth the Obama administration. Why the mainstream media continues to invite Dick Cheney as someone whose opinion on foreign policy is even relevant after he pushed through the worst foreign policy disaster in Amreican history is anyone's guess, but Cheney's interview itself made one thing clear: he and Russian president Vladimir Putin are cut from the same cloth.

Itching for another war - and fearing that President Obama's diplomacy, rather than a new war, will solve yet another international crisis decimating the necon foreign policy some more - Cheney complained that diplomacy makes the US weak, and that President Obama should be going in guns blazing, possibly himself. Cheney wants the ballistic missile system back, and wants, at the minimum, American arms to prop up Ukrainian military force against Russia. Evidently, he does not realize that the Ukrainian military is severely undermatched against the Russian one, and handing the American weapons without the training and numbers of American forces to battle Russia will not help. Or perhaps, that is what he wants.

Cheney even cited Syria as an example of the president's indecisiveness, where, ironically, the president got exactly what he wanted without firing a shot. He disarmed a country of WMD in the middle of a civil war, which I am pretty sure is unprecedented in the history of international relations.

Cheney's biggest problem is that for all his bitching and moaning about President Obama "taking the military option off the table," the president actually has never done so. The president - and everyone else with the possible exception of the Cheney clan - strongly prefers to resolve this with economic and diplomatic consequences to Russia, which, believe it or not, can be pretty severe coming from the world's largest economies. And because this president has demonstrated both his impassioned desire for peace when possible and his unmistakable willingness to act when necessary (ask bin Laden), he does not need to bluster about war. But the Defense department has signaled that it is standing at the ready along with NATO allies to back up this president.

Unlike Dick Cheney, who needs to gloat about shooting wars in order to feel powerful, President Obama is secure both in his leadership and in America's abilities. The strongest nation on earth does not threaten, it acts. It acts with all of our powers, including economic and diplomatic. While Dick Cheney slides into irrelevancy try to beat war drums, we can be secure that President Obama does not need bluster to project American power.

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