What's New with The People's View

What's New with The People's View


 Today, we are launching the new TPV - a redesigned site made for the mid 20-teens. All the content from the old site has been migrated over, including the comments. Here is what's new :

  • Fresh, clean, modern design: Content takes center-stage in this design. Even the sidebar is designed for content: navigating through content, adding new content, and engaging with content.
  • Mobile-responsive design: There isn't a "mobile version" of TPV anymore. The same site responds to mobile devices without making a different version. The design flourishes on small and large screens alike.
  • Better teasers: This interface allows for the creation of "snippets" and a leading image for articles - the use of which will help more eye-catching content leads.
  • State of the art navigation: The navigation bar (click the menu button to access it if you are on a phone) now has not just links but drop downs.
  • Less ads: There will now be only one ad-block on the sidebar. Ads will still be Google Adsense ads (meaning that I won't have any control over what ad is displayed) unless specific ad units are placed.

And here are the possibilities the future holds:

  • Ability to host multiple blogs - I have a tech policy blog planned, and perhaps if time allows one focused on the public interest stories of Silicon Valley.
  • On-site podcasting ability.
  • Expandability, richer content.
  • Better guest blogging: for occasional contributors, guest-bloggers or other rare columns.

But here is what is not changing and will never change.

  • High quality content.
  • Pragmati safe house.
  • There seemed to be a little confusion about cost of access, so let me clarify again: TPV will never charge anyone to read or comment on TPV! The cost of the site is what is paid to host it, not what anyone has to pay to read it!
  • A simply amazing community.

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