On #CRomnibus and Purity Pouting

Well, a hint of the next 2 years has been washing over us.

The Continuing Resolution Omnibus, which will more or less keep government funded through September 2015 is slouching towards 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. And people are pissed.

It has giveaways to the banksters! It tries to gut Dodd-Frank! It cuts the EPA! It kills DC's weed law!

Well, Charlies, what the fuck did you expect?

When a majority of the Obama Coalition, in its infinite stupidity, decided to sit out these past elections, the die wasn't just cast, but bronzed and mounted over John Boehner's wet bar.

Democracy is determined by those who suit up. If you're home playing video games, you don't get to factor in the score. And too many of the voters who propelled Pres. Obama to victory in 2008 and 2012 decided that other matters were more pressing.

If the first government shutdown wasn't reason enough to get out and vote, then I have nothing with which to assuage your petulance. If the specter of Eduardo Cruz with a committee chairmanship wasn't enough to make you turn out, hold your nose, and vote for Mary Landrieu, then that's on you, not me.

Yes, Congressional districts are gerrymandered, blah blah blah. Guess what? They were gerrymandered in 2006 as well, and Dems swept to control House and Senate. And even then most people sat on their asses; it was just that the Bush regime was so tragically comical that even those who leaned Republican decided to give Democrats a shot. But you can't count on those voters. What you can count on is that they'll twist with the wind, and for the past 4 years that wind has been blown by the GOP.

The solution to this? Get out and vote. Democrats have an advantage in registrations. Those gerrymandered Congressional districts are drawn in part by voter participation. If Democrats who otherwise wouldn't vote got off their Barcaloungers and trooped to the polls, the twisting district boundaries wouldn't mean a thing.

But, you know, a good reality show was on that night.

Fuck me running backwards on a donkey, this country deserves every bit of shit coming to it for the next 2 years. We're "the world's greatest democracy" and freaking AFGHANISTAN has better voter turnout than we do. It was as if all of the generations which bled and suffered to expand the franchise did so for no discernible reason. Just give us our "X-Factor" and our celebrity news and run the country how you see fit. This may suit Russians just fine, but we're actually in the middle of a 200+ year experiment in self-government. And that experiment is about to return the answer of "42". (Douglas Adams. Look it up.)

So forgive Pres. Obama if he signs the decrepit CRomnibus in order to not fuck up a rather good recovery by shutting down the government. He, amazingly, has to think beyond air punching and foot stomping. Want to make sure that the next Democratic president doesn't have to sign shit like this? Then maybe get out and vote. And not just in midterms. Vote for state offices. Vote for local offices. Make sure the damned dog-catcher has (D) behind her name. Otherwise just go back to playing "Call of Duty" and remain blissfully unaware of how the world is turning to shit.

An addendum:

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