The Dumbest "Liberal" Excuses for Not Voting

2014 is the second midterm Democrats lost by running away from the country's best Democrat, Barack Obama. There is no one better than liberals, however, at justifying the stay-home Democratic vote during midterm elections. It just so happens that every single point made justifying the joining of Democratic discontent with Republican malcontent to deliver political power to the GOP is stupendously dumb. Let's put them to rest once and for all.

"People don't vote because they can't tell the difference between Republicans and Democrats."

Republicans and their paymasters can. That's why they vote. They vote rain or shine. They vote presidential or midterm. They vote June or November. Why? Because a difference blurred by the "progressive" movement's own provocateurs is clear as daylight to the true enemies of progress. They can tell the difference between war and peace, and they want war. They can tell the difference between health care as a right and hospitals as a gated community, and they are fighting for the gated community. They can tell the difference between an economy that works for the middle class and one that only works for the paymasters, and they are fighting to repeal the reforms that asks the paymasters to pay their fair share. They can tell the difference between a woman's right and access to a full range of reproductive care and keeping women second class citizens, and they are fighting to keep women down.

There is little doubt that the propaganda blurring these lines by the progressive provocateurs then is false, deeply flawed, and designed to hurt progress in the name of perfection. They keep voters from learning the differences. They use their platforms to generate heat and highlight the donate button, rather than to cool down and educate. They intentionally hurt Democratic turnout. If the Right's ideologues are responsible for causing poor white people to vote against their best interest, the Left's nuts are equally (if not more) guilty of keeping Democrats from voting at all - which is in their best interest.

"Democrats don't vote because they aren't inspired like they were in [insert successful Democratic year here]."

This is THE worst argument justifying civil laziness, and it's a load of crock. First of all, voting is a civic duty. You do it because it's your job. You do it because it's the minimum self-governance requires. Voting is not a favor you do to a political party, or to a president not on the ballot, or anything else that tickles your ego. The idea that in a mature democracy, the "I didn't get my red meat" excuse is used to not vote is shameful. The story of the right to vote in this country is written in blood, and this cavalier, gimme attitude towards it is a disgrace.

"The system is rigged."

This is essentially the same as the both-parties-are-the-same argument. In essence this is arguing that if an individual voter doesn't get all of his pony demands satisfied, then it is because the "system" is rigged. Stunningly, it fails to realize that the only reason anyone gets to rig the system is because we do not vote. The biggest success of money in politics isn't getting the people who would do their bidding elected to office, but to keep the people who wouldn't home on election day.

The "system" is what you and I let it be. If you don't like it, it is your job to find a way to change it. You are a citizen, not a subject. It is your job to create that change rather than sit back and fingerpoint at people you think aren't. The first step to that change is voting. Voting even if you didn't find every candidate on the ballot to be a facsimile of yourself. Voting because it is the minimum you can do as a citizen. And by not voting, by keeping others from voting, you are rigging the system as much as any money influence.

In the next two years, we are going to see the results of this election become clear. We are going to see Congress, dominated by a regressive minority, attempt to take away financial protection, consumer protections and affordable health care. We are going see Congress cutting funds for critically needed programs and infrastructure. We are going to see Congress attempt to push this country to war. And we are going to see a President who's been the only adult in the room fight back.

BUT, unless we - American voters - are able to permanently change our voting patterns and begin to take our civic responsibility as a serious undertaking rather than a sophomoric afterthought, progress will be hindered, and with time, reversed.

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