"Young Turk" Gets Drunk on Obama Derangement Cocktail, Loses It

I know what you're thinking. Who's the Professional Left's Rush Limbaugh? Radio personality, loud, always head exploding, and if you tuned into his show, you may be forgiven for thinking you just called into a cult hotline. Yes, I'm talking about Cenk Uygur, who recently penned a column on Huffington Post... just for fun I suppose, because his radio show isn't platform enough for the ritual anti-Obama fits.

Turning President Kennedy's call to action on its head, Cenk jumps off the deep end, asking "What has Obama done for you lately?" Cenk has a very big problem with what he perceives as President Obama's lack of vision - only I don't think he realizes that 'vision' here isn't the thing you see when you're hopped up on the good stuff.

Can anyone tell me what President Obama’s second-term goals are? What has he accomplished? What would he like to accomplish?

A little bit of immigration reform? Wow! What else? Still waiting.
— Cenk Uygur

No, Cenk. You're not waiting. You're yelling. But since you insist, let me answer the questions for you like you're a third grader - given your level of infantile fit, I don't think you're capable of understanding at any higher level.

What are President Obama's second term goals? Oh, let's see. Actually implement health care reform fully. Grow the economy and reduce unemployment despite the GOP's unwavering resistance. Uphold voting rights (yeah, you know, that thing). Complete withdrawal from Afghanistan.

What has he accomplished... what has he accomplished. That's a hard question indeed. Hard, that is, if you have your head so far up your butt you can re-chew your dinner.

  • From this time last year to now, 10.3 million adults have gained access to health insurance (that's all in the second term for you, Cenk). That may not have been anything being done for limousine liberals like Cenk, but ask those 10 million people whether having health care - for many the first time in a long time - is a big fucking deal.
  • The unemployment rate has dropped by 2 full percentage points in the President's second term - from 7.9% in January of 2013 to 5.9% last month.
  • All American combat troops from Afghanistan are on track to be withdrawn by the end of 2016 (that is, the end of the President's second term).
  • The Obama Justice Department, under the capable leadership of Eric Holder has been doing everything they can legally - including suing states trying to take the right to vote away - to protect voting rights of black, brown, the elderly, students and poor people (yeah, I am extra blunt today) in light of the Supreme Court's despicable decision to overturn protections of the Voting Rights Act.

And this list doesn't even begin to cover everything this president and his administration has done in his second term already. Just yesterday, the FCC announced a $105 million settlement with AT&T to end deceptive premium texting services that add $10 a pop to your cell phone bill. The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is cracking down on illegal and shady practices of banks, and hitting them where it hurts, even according to David Dayen, Cenk's fellow writer on the hair-on-fire Professional Left. Like I said, this only scratches the surface.

Then there's the stupendously idiotic rant about foreign policy.

If at the end of his eight years in office, President Obama’s team got to say, “We killed bin Laden and didn’t do anything too stupid,” they would hang up a Mission Accomplished banner. That’s so sad. My God man, what is your vision of the world?

What is sad, Cenk, is your pathetic attitude and deception. First of all, YES, BARACK OBAMA'S TEAM KILLED BIN LADEN. It deserves to be shouted from the rooftops, over and over, until it is cemented in gratitude in every Americans' mind. But as we have noted on TPV, Barack Obama is the only reason that Syria's Assad was disarmed of his chemical weapons while the pundit class was busy bending to Putin in a rather erotic fashion. The fact remains that Barack Obama's sanctions are the reason Russia has been forced to come out whining about sanctions and tame its support of Ukraine's rebels.

So what is his vision? His vision is a world engaged in dialogue where the influence of demagogues is waning, and using American power - soft and hard - to accomplish it.

Cenk is apparently completely oblivious as to the difficulty of not doing stupid shit, given not saying and not doing stupid shit seems to be impossible for him.

What a wasted opportunity. Are there still the ardent Obama defenders out there who are going to tell me he is playing three dimensional chess and that we are finally going to see his progressive policies once he leaves office?

No, Cenk. What we're going to tell you is what we've always told you. Lay off that stuff you're on and get off your high horse. The reason we are not going to tell you we are finally going to see his progressive policies once he leaves office, because if you took took off your blinders even for a second, you would be able to see his progressive policies now. Here, I'll even hold your hand and count some for you.

  • Rescuing the American economy from the brink of disaster and handing us the longest stretch of private sector job creation, ever.
  • Reviving the American auto industry.
  • Health reform. Yes, that, again. It deserves mention over and over not because this president hasn't done anything else, but because presidents since LBJ have been trying to do it and all of them had failed. Until Obama. That you don't want to hear about 4 million children and 10 million adults who wouldn't otherwise have health care having it now is your problem, not ours.
  • The CFPB. See above.
  • Ending the war in Iraq, drawing Afghanistan to a close. No, we are not in a new war in Iraq - we have always had an anti-terrorism mission there, and the president is fulfilling it and protecting American territory (you did know that US embassies are American territories, right?).
  • Ending Don't Ask, Don't Tell.
  • Getting DOMA thrown out.
  • Disarming Assad, turning back Putin's empirical aspirations.
  • Since President Obama has been president, America's wind power production has tripled, solar power has increased 10-fold.
  • An administrative version of the Dream Act. Again, it may be "little bit" to you, but ask the kids who got it before mouthing off.

In fact, President Obama has been such a progressive success that even his most ardent liberal economic critic, Paul Krugman, has turned into a fan, calling the president a historic success.

I am in no mood to mince words today. Cenk Uygur is the manifestation of the conservative caricature of a limousine liberal. He doesn't find the president's accomplishments in health care  important, because hey, he's not one of the 14 million people who couldn't afford health care otherwise. He doesn't care that because of one president's leadership, the country has gone from 60% against gay marriage to 60% for marriage equality. He doesn't care about the autoworkers whose jobs President Obama singlehandedly saved, and he could care less about black and brown people in the red states having their voting rights taken away.

Because none of it, you see, was done for him - an affluent lawyer and media talking head whose devotion to liberal values only extends to his talk show talking points and supposedly, by his own admission, what the president has done for him personally. After all, what is more liberal than the proclamation of "me me me me me"?

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