Make Calls into Battleground States from Home to #GOTV

Feeling anxious about the midterm elections? Feeling helpless because the elections that decide Senate control are happening far away from where you live? There's an app for that!

MoveOn is running a GOTV campaign to reach 5 million progressive voters in key states by election day. Called Voters Rising, all you have to do is sign-up online for a shift, and then you'll call in to be connected to targeted voters in states with critical Senate races. Each shift begins with training, and you'll only be calling voters likely to be receptive to the Democratic candidate. 

As I wrote the other day, GOTV is the centerpiece of the Democrats' plan to hold the Senate, and this program makes it easy for you to help.

You can either sit at home, watch polls, and fret, or you can act to change the outcome of the election.

Click here to sign up for a shift!

And while you're waiting to make calls, read this post from Greg Sargent at Washington Post. He's got the latest numbers from Iowa showing that early voting turnout is ahead of 2010, and Democrats and independents are outperforming Republicans. It's working. Do your part to get us over the finish line!

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