About TPV

The People's View is primarily a political blog, focused on pragmatic solutions to real problems and progressive analysis. We are a community that values solutions over ideological checkboxes, and we are a sanctuary for those who wish to pursue progressive discussion of politics to improve lives.

The word "view" in the name of this site is not meant to define "opinion." For any blog or blogger to claim to represent "the people's" opinion would be foolish. The word view here is view as in a "bird's eye view" - in other words, perspective. Our goal is to analyze issues with the primary perspective of how totalities policies affect ordinary people, and what it means from that view, or perspective.

This blog is devoted to examining issues from a liberal perspective, on factual bases and on fair analysis.  This site is also deeply zealous about liberal Democratic activism. At The People's View, we are committed to giving readers as much additional resources (mostly via links) as possible to educate as well as activate. The People's View is also a public policy blog for reasoned debate and discussion.

We are by and large a band of writers who do this as a labor of love, we have no outside funding or affiliation, none of our writers are paid, and most of us have day jobs not connected to TPV. In fact, aside from occasional donations from individuals using the Donate button on our site and a slight Google Adsense ad revenue, we generate no revenue at all. You can support this rag tag operation put together and maintained by individual initiative and blossomed by our core group of writers, you can make a donation here.

Spandan Chakrabarti | Editor in Chief