Programming Note: I Will Be On Radio Discussing Social Security and Chained CPI (Updated)

Here's a programming note: I have been invited to debate the Chained CPI and Social Security on We Act Radio, a Washington, DC based station. I am recording today, and the show will be aired on Saturday. I will be on Take Action News with David Shuster, which airs on Saturdays from 12-3pm Eastern Time (stations follow). I will be debating the subject of Chained CPI and Social Security with Alex Lawson, the Executive Director of Social Security Works/Strengthen Social Security. I have had some correspondence with the group before, and I have written about it.

In any case, the recording is today at 3:30 ET, so I have to get ready. But be sure to tune in on Saturday. Here are the stations and times it airs:
My piece last week on Chained CPI seems to have drawn their attention, and I am happy to appear on David Shuster's show with Alex Lawson to explain my position. I do trust it will be a fair debate. I will also post video/audio after the show has a chance to air on Saturday.

Update: The debate was concluded around 1 pm ET; I got on a little late due to technical delays. But the debate overall was good, and I thought I got the most important points in. We got cut off by time, but there's hope I might be on again. We will post it here as soon as it airs!

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