Tell Senators: #DoYourJob and Confirm the President's Nominee to the Supreme Court

President Obama has done his Constitutional duty and nominated a superbly qualified candidate for the Supreme Court: Chief Judge Merrick Garland of the DC Circuit. Republicans have not even tried to assail Judge Garland on qualifications or character, instead refusing to vote for any nominee for the Court nominated by the sitting President.

This is unacceptable. Senate Republicans have no right to deny President Obama his full rights for the full term. The pretense that President Obama is not really the President because he's a black Democrat in his last year of office is offensive to our democracy. So call, email, Facebook and Tweet your Senator. Tell them: #DoYourJob.

What to do:


  • Find your senators, if you don't already know who they are.
  • See the Social Media Wiki to find all the Senators' official social media accounts - Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, everything.

Talk to them:

Suggested social media posts (Keep it short):

  • Twitter: .@[Senator], give @SCOTUSNom a full hearing and a vote. #DoYourJob
  • Facebook, others: Senator, give President Obama's nominee a vote #DoYourJob. or Senator, give Judge Garland a vote. #DoYourJob.
  • Send them an email through their Senate websites.
  • Want to go further? Call and talk to a staffer. Be polite.

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